Scuba Gear At Competitive Prices

  • Our Dive Shop stocks and services popular hard and soft scuba gear like Scubapro, Mares, Tusa Cressi, Posieden, Apex, Aqualung Suunto
  • We don’t just offer a wide variety of dive gear, but also the right advice for the right Dive, with the best Gear Service for each brand
  • Rest assured that we are knowledgeable on every product we sell and will help you make the best informed decision when purchasing dive equipment

Fill Up Dive & Air Rifle Cylinders

Our Dive Centre has a brand new Filling station on site for all your Dive and Air rifle cylinder needs. If you need your Dive Cylinder filled in a hurry then we can assist you at any time; Pick ups and Drop offs can be arranged. Our compressor has been fitted to refill 300b Air Rifle Cylinders.

Cylinder Servicing

Any cylinder filled onsite will be first checked for recent Visual or Hydrostatic Test stamp. If it has not received one, we will gladly assist in this matter as well. Ou turnaround time is usually 4-5 working days.

Get The Best In Dive Gear From Ocean Comocean & Scubapro Online

Shop online for all your favourite dive gear without the worry of hidden taxes, duties and shipping costs. The Scuba Pro Store is the official online retailer for Scubapro, Subgear and Sealife products for Southern Africa. Shop with confidence as you get the best prices on leading brands with full factory warranties. Free shipping to apply on orders above R3000 for South Africa only!

Shop Now Value Sets

Servicing Of All Retail Brands

  • With Ocean Comocean Dive Centre all your gear will be given the best possible service, to the regulations of each brand specifications
  • We recommend that each piece of equipment that is part of your Total Diving System be checked annually; as the Total Diving System is regarded as a life saving device, make sure Diving System is at a 110%
  • Part of our services include testing equipment in our private training pool after every service
  • Depending on if we need to order specific parts, a service can take about 5-10 working days

Custom-Fitted Dive Masks

We specialise in masks with your required spectacle prescription or fitting of contact lenses for diving. An experienced Optometrist is on call and has the expertise and workshop to fit your prescription to a scuba diving mask. This is a time-orientated process, so we ask for your patience during the fitting as a special treatment for the lens is applied to the mask. Our experienced team will assist you choosing the perfect mask, be it a bifocal, mono lense fitting or a strong prescription.