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A precise blend of form and function, the new Mantis 1 is a direct evolution of the Meridian watch computer. About as versatile as a dive computer can get, Mantis 1 provides an operating system for virtually every type of in-water activity, including Closed Circuit Rebreather diving.

Comprising the perfect balance of both topside and underwater functions, the Mantis 1 uses the Human Factor DivingTM approach to product design, constantly analysing your biometrics to deliver a custom dive profile that maximises safetly and bottom time.


  • ZHL8 ADT MB Algorithm.
    Adjustable safety factor – Level 0 to Level 5. 
    • Predictive Multi-Gas (3 Gas) – 21% to 100% Nitrox.
    • PDIS – Intelligent Deep Stops calculated to optimise dive profile.
    • Safety Stop Countdown.
    • 4 Underwater Modes: Scuba, Apnea, Gauge & Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR).
    • Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) management – Fixed pp02 with 2 set points and bailout.
    • Apnea management – improved Apnea logs (sessions like Chromis) and new functionalities and warnings.
    • Full watch functions: date & time, UTC settings, alarm clock.
    • Outdoor functions: Altimeter, Thermometer, Barometer.
    • Exercise funtions: Stopwatch with lap function.
    • Swim Mode: Swim time, stroke counter and distance tracker.
    • Compatibility with SCUBAPRO integrated Heart Rate Belt to incorporate skin temperature estimate into algorithms calculations (available Summer 2016).
    • Calorie Burning Calculation – Heart Rate & Workload.
    • LogTrak software for PC, MAC & Android.
    • Marine grade AISI 316L stainless steel case.
    • Scratch resistant mineral glass lens.
    • Front bezel with imprinted labels.
    • Easy to read, large alphanumeric characters and graphics.
    • New generation leak-proof magnetic buttons.
    • Backlight.
    • Extended battery life – gold plated components & optimised circuitry.
    • Maximum operating depth: 120m