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Scubapro Synergy Twin Trufit



The revolutionary Trufit concept from SCUBAPRO welcomes a new generation of ultra-comfortable mask to the Trufit family.

Generation One Trufit masks such as the Spectra Trufit were all about super-soft, supple skirts that could conform to every face and provide unbelievable comfort. While they remain an excellent choice for many divers, particularly warm water divers, some prefer the support of a firmer skirt.

Generation Two takes Trufit to the next level by continuing to provide extreme comfort and fit while adding a lot more support to the surrounding skirt. The idea is to provide a more versatile design that gives the best of both worlds; the comfort of Trufit with the support and stability of a firmer skirt.

The key to achieving this is providing different characteristics in different parts of the silicone skirt. The soft, high-grade silicone is shaped thicker at the base for greater structural support, whilst the silicone closer to the face tapers to a flexible edge, allowing for a perfect seal and for the reinforced ribs to conform to the natural curves of the face. 

***Ocean Comocean Team: The Synergy Twin Trufit is a personal favourite and one the best sellers from Scubapro.
It fits most faces due to the soft silicone and the ribs around the skirt; “conform(s) to the natural curves of the face. “